wow today was horrible

So yea i feel so bad for bribree my bestiee she started going out with scott and like he said to cory "im only going out with her to get some."

And I didn't know bri didn't know no one knew that Anna had a crush on scott in fact the other day she was like i like other people now and stuff and now that bri is going out with scott she was like "you went out with him because you knew i liked him yadda yadda..etc...etc" and
like she is trying to turn everyone against bri and like now the only ones talking to bri are me and mary ann. So like bri is really sad and like threatning to kill herself and like im so scared because i know she actually likee will. And so now everyone is calling bri a whore because this is her third boyfriend this week or whatever.

But im so done i had like five people come up to thinking that i was the bri everyones talking about im like wth no!
Im so fed up with all this crap


Ohh yeaa and im happy because me and adam are talking about getting more "serious"

Soo yess haha thats the only reason im no dead right now ha



Today was greaat i had fun :]

First period i had to work on my poems that are due tommorow
Second Period We had student of the month assembly...guess who got it....ME! :] im proud of
Third Period i had music and me and nick saylock just joked around the whole timee
Fourth Period I had mr.Roz and almost fell asleep
Fifth Period I had study and went up to my english teacher to work on my poems
Sixth Period I had lunch and yea that was fun
Seventh was reading was bearable
Math totally sucked but ehh get over it
Study Hall i listened to music and texted sarah
My day was good i came home and slept for three hours :]

ladda dadda doo

Well im supposed to be asleep but i can't fall asleep and so im going to write more poems as usual:] fun funnnn

She tried to hide her cuts
Everyone thought she was going nuts
She tried make-up to cover it
It didn't work but she couldn't quit

The night she slit her wrist
Was the night that there was a twist
thrown into her life
so she just took that knife

She tried putting on a long-sleeve shirt
But the blood squirt
All over the sleeve
This caused her to grieve

She couldn't hide the mistake
In her heart she felt an ache
"this was all his fault" she said
But her wrists still bled

She had to hide it she knew she had to
It couldn't be erased, like a pemanant tatoo
She didn't know what to do
She commited her suicide and said "this was way overdue"

(no subject)
When you go a day without talking
people talk
rumors spread

life kinda sucks

poetry is my escapee

When im hurt
he is there to wipe off the dirt

When i cry
he asks why

When i need him
he caters to my every whim

When i look sad
he tries to make me glad

When he speaks
the redness goes into my cheeks

I love him too much
is it okay to love him such?

I feel that i need him near
But there is always that fear

That he will leave
And just leave me to grieve

Would he come back
Would i crack

I would never be the same
i need him to keep me sane

I would go insane
to be happy i would have to feign

Please don't let him leave me
ill beg and ill plea.

(no subject)

Now i need to write a poem for Adam



I Consider-
about how much
i love this boy
his oh so light touch
im fragile and he knows my hear is not a toy

I think-
about when he has hurt me
never has he though
never would he flee and leave me
i can really let my feelings show

I imagine-
what my life would be like without him
so lonely and bland 
I would always be so grim
but with him i feel so grand

A for
D for dashing
A for amazing
M for magnificent


Rawr poem about me that Adam wrotee

How cutee Adam wrote a poem about me


She is gorgeous
This everyone sees

Her beauty makes me
want to drop to my knees

Her eyes so blue
like big pools

That boy that broke her
heart truly was a fool

Her lips so full
to me they are like a treat

With a body so slender
the girl has to be and athlete

She is to perfect for me
what did I do to deserve her?

All i know is i never will hurt her
She is beautiful for shure
im sure and boy would concure





I just realized i love my name....i have no idea why and i love the unique spelling briana only one n :]
haha my bestie bri odly enough haha she changed the spelling in her name to briana cuz its soo cool :]
she used to spell it brianna well in second grade it was breanna and then brianna and now its briana
mine has always been briana hehe i lovee my middle name sarah :]
briana sarah michaels my name is so cool!


Im vvvvvvveeeeerrrrryyyyyyyyyy haappyyy :] bri broke up with scott i knew it was coming and now im just happy
uhm imm actually not grounded wewt
and adam is amazing! <3
Rawr! :]

"Adam " (9:39:57 PM): mmm Briana beautiful
"Adam " (9:40:11 PM): no matter what she says
" Briana" (9:40:36 PM): no!
"Adam " (9:41:49 PM): yes!!!!!!
"Adam " (9:41:50 PM): <3
"Briana"(9:42:00 PM): :P
" Briana (9:42:21 PM): iloveadamandheiswayhotterthanmenomatterwhat<3 :P
"Adam " (9:44:03 PM): Briana is bonito and caliente! hehe, spanish
" Briana" (9:45:37 PM): what does that mean?
"Adam " (9:45:47 PM): it means pretty and hot, lol
"Briana" (9:46:13 PM): hhaha nice :] <33
"Adam " (9:46:57 PM): cause I LOVE YOU
"Adam " (9:46:57 PM): =]


Well apperently Adam was "grouded" for one day? and now today he is at a party....can you say suspicious? like wth?


Briana=stood up.

I cannot belive adam that was soo rude! he didn't even fucking call me! he is soo disowned im talking to him at all this week seriously he didn't even attempt to tell me he wasnt coming wow im so pissed that he should be scared himself im def cutting tonight and then i can tell him its all his fault haha he hates me cutting and now its his fault wow this will be funny im soo fucking pissed!


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